Sullystring Sarah Sullivan Tulsa Artist

who do i think i am anyway?


I use both sides of my brain equally; I am a Gemini after all. Every decision, every move is a constant balance between structure and fluidity. I build puzzles and then use creativity to break my own rules. When working in a medium that inherently creates parameters, like the grid of a loom, I allow the colors and shapes to evolve through improvisation. And vice versa. The endless possibilities of paint draw out an exactness in the composition.

In allowing a percentage of spontaneity, I find I always come back to tactile materials.  There’s magic in knowing that my fingers touched every single thread of yarn and there is paint still in my hair somewhere. There is an intimacy with the materials that a computer cannot match. I establish a relationship with the work. There are errors and redesigns that only I can identify, giving the work its personality.       

The personality of each piece is essential. All the wrong turns and the harmony between my neural networks come together to express how I view the world. It’s equally new and familiar.  I use traditional craft to create a modern world of youth and comfort. Within its symmetry, my work transports people to a place of pure, simple joy - an underrated emotion in my opinion.




My name is Sarah Sullivan. I am a dreamweaver and a rugrat. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a BFA in Textile Design, and now spend my days weaving and painting my heart out. My work creates an escape from the hard, digital world through an abstract confetti of color and texture. I draw inspiration from pasta noodles, children’s books, and reinterpreting memories of geometry class. SULLYSTRING has been scientifically proven to make your home warmer and more colorful.