who do i think i am anyway?


I’ve tried computer rendering and digital design, but I always come back to tactile materials.  There is something about knowing that my fingers touched every single thread.  I have pricked my fingers with countless needles. During the winter, working with wool yarn provides a source of warmth. There is an intimacy with the materials that a computer cannot match. Over the time it takes to complete a weaving, I establish a relationship with the work. There are errors and redesigns that only I can identify. I will undoubtedly make a mistake on any given piece (hey, nobody’s perfect), but these mistakes give the work its personality.  I turn the flaws into quirks and usually things end up better than I planned.  If that doesn’t work, just repeat the mistake enough that people think you did it on purpose (warning: does not apply to life).                         

The personality of each piece is essential. Whether the life of the party or just a welcome friend, my work hopefully transports people to a place of pure, simple joy. I use traditional craft to create a world of youth, comfort, and whimsy. With a modern palate and a graphic eye, I hope to give society a break from clutter and chaos by providing art that one can literally wrap around themselves.    



My name is Sarah Sullivan. I am a dreamweaver and a rugrat. I studied textiles at the University of Kansas and haven't looked back since. Now I live in my hometown Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I spend all day everyday working to make the world a warmer, more colorful place.